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Nathan Deal used taxpayer money to secure a personal business deal that made him a multi-millionaire
June 27, 2014
Since becoming governor, Nathan Deal has gone from rags to riches by using taxpayer-funded staff to work on his own personal business deals behind closed doors.
At first, the governor promised no such shady business practices had taken place. Upon taking office as governor, Deal transferred his...
Gov. Deal brags about a $750 million education shortfall
June 20, 2014
It shouldn’t be a surprise by now, but Gov. Deal is at it again.
This time he’s bragging about how he increased funding for public schools. But sadly, Gov. Deal isn’t being honest with you. The new budget that Gov. Deal is bragging about still shorts our public schools around $750 million dollars...
Deal's ethics scandals: the 13 names you need to know right now
May 27, 2014
Gov. Nathan Deal—Became the focus of a state ethics investigation after questions about his 2010 campaign finances were raised. Allegedly, Deal’s campaign paid $322,000 to companies that Deal or his associates own or have an interest in.
Denise Deal—Gov. Deal’s daughter-in-law and founder of...
Nathan Deal’s “Gift” to Georgia’s Students: Huge Cuts to HOPE Scholarship
May 19, 2014
In 2011, mere months after he was elected, Gov. Deal announced he was giving “a gift to future generations of Georgia’s outstanding students”: he was about to slash the budget for the HOPE scholarship just as many low-income families needed help the most.
Since those cuts, the number of HOPE...


Posted by Bryan Long on July 21st, 2014

Without exaggeration, last week was THE single most important week in Georgia's governor's race.

Gov. Nathan Deal’s team is falling apart as the governor is facing mounting pressure to come clean about his ethics scandal and the cover-up.

Better Georgia needs your help TODAY. Will you chip in $8 to keep the pressure on Gov. Deal to tell the truth?

Posted by Bryan Long on July 15th, 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal’s team members have begun to turn on each other.

Last night, for the first time, Gov. Deal’s hand-picked ethics chief exposed how the governor’s top staffers used threats and intimidation to cover up the governor’s campaign finance scandal.

Despite Gov. Deal’s claims otherwise, this is the most compelling proof we’ve ever had that the cover-up was directed from inside the governor’s office.

Posted by Bryan Long on July 14th, 2014

Gov. Nathan Deal’s house of cards is falling apart.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV, in a joint investigation, exposed a cover-up that reaches all the way into the governor’s office.

Documents uncovered by the state’s largest media outlets show that Gov. Deal's top staffers "threatened and pressured" their hand-picked ethics chief to "make the complaints" against the governor "go away."


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